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This adorable dog is a great colouring page for all animal lovers.

This is my dog, her name is Jessi and we love her.  Children and adults alike who are pet lovers will adore this colouring page.  

Great way to learn how to control your ink pen, by dotting over my dots.  

Want your own pet/s portrait?



The approximate print image size is 18.5 x 20 cm which is Supplied as a PDF.

You can also download the photo of her.  If you have procreate simply upload it and add the colour palette to your interface.

For best results as with all colouring pages, print onto art paper.  You can then colour or paint to your animal-loving heart's content.


You can also email me for a Jpeg file for no extra cost to print to a size you prefer.

Jessi Colouring Page

SKU: jessie
  • An A4 Pdf * images size varies slightly from design to design, images to colour are no smaller than 16 cm x 16 cm

    Printed grey scale, colour images are for example only.

    You may download and keep for personal use only. 

    It does not permit you to reproduce or share.  Please respect the time  and energy that has gone into creating each piece.

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