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Power, the warrior bold and strong,

inclusive of all, where they belong.

A force that knows the strength in unity,

embracing teamwork with great affinity.

In this world where power can divide,

this warrior understands the need to guide.

To build bridges instead of walls,

creating a future where unity stands tall.

Power celebrates differences, embraces each voice,

harnessing collective strength, the power of choice.

In Powers presence, communities thrive,

building bridges, helping others survive.

inspiring us to work hand in hand,

creating a world where we all can stand.

let us embrace the power within,

and let our teamwork truly begin.

For when we join forces, side by side,

We'll create a future where dreams collide.

that together we thrive, igniting new lights.


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You can also email me for a Jpeg file for no extra cost to print to a size you prefer.



Power Colouring Page

SKU: Pop
  • An A4 Pdf * images size varies slightly from design to design, images to colour are no smaller than 16 cm x 16 cm

    Printed grey scale, colour images are for example only.

    You may download and keep for personal use only. 

    It does not permit you to reproduce or share.  Please respect the time  and energy that has gone into creating each piece.

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