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Phoenix the listening Horse

A fantastical yet very realistic shaped horse colouring page with the correct anatomy and my stained glass effect finish. All are created by hand with ink dots and mark making. 

I have included a section of my high-quality hand-coloured image area if you need inspiration. 

Carousel reminds us of the ups and downs we all face. No matter what we are going through, time moves on, through love and friendship we smooth the bumps. 

Here you are purchasing the quality artist colouring page of excellence (available in my shop) you can add your own colours by hand, travel over my dots with a fine liner, add watercolour.... 

Professional Artist MA Fine Art

The horse facing left

You can download, insert into word, adjust as you wish, add borders etc or simply print out and begin.

Why not fill your wall?

Enjoy, and once you have downloaded it, it's yours forever to print and print. Upload to procreate for even more artistic endeavours.

Thank you

You can also email me for a Jpeg file for no extra cost to print to a size you prefer.

Phoenix the listening Horse Colouring Page

SKU: CHleft
  • An A4 Pdf * images size varies slightly from design to design, images to colour are no smaller than 16 cm x 16 cm

    Printed grey scale, colour images are for example only.

    You may download and keep for personal use only. 

    It does not permit you to reproduce or share.  Please respect the time  and energy that has gone into creating each piece.

  • Phoenix the listening Horse

    In a quaint countryside town, nestled amidst rolling hills and lush green pastures, there lived a spirited horse named Phoenix. With a name that symbolises rebirth and resilience, Phoenix possessed an indomitable spirit that inspired anyone who crossed his path.

    Phoenix was no ordinary horse. His sleek coat shimmered like fire in the sunlight, mirroring the fiery determination that burned within him. Born to a humble family of farmers, he grew up witnessing the daily struggles of his human companions as they faced various hurdles in life.

    As Phoenix matured, he developed an uncanny ability to sense people's emotions and motivations. He could tell when someone was feeling defeated or overwhelmed by life's challenges. Moved by compassion, he became determined to help them find their inner strength and soar over their obstacles with grace and confidence.

    Phoenix would patiently listen to people's stories, offering them comfort and reassurance. Through his presence alone, he instilled a sense of hope within those who had lost faith in their own abilities.

    As you bring Phoenix to life make him and make him shiny and new, aim to remember the times when someone was there for you and you for them. 



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