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Spirit of Ice 

In the depths of the icy stillness, I embrace the chill that runs through my veins. The spirit of ice awakens within me, invigorating my soul with its cool embrace. As I stand amidst the

Frozen beauty, I find strength in this frigid landscape. I am the embodiment of resilience and tranquillity, for just as ice

endures the harshest of winters, so shall I endure any

adversity that comes my way. The frost that surrounds me is but a reminder of the strength and clarity that lies within. In the darkest of days, I summon the power of the spirit of ice to mend my frozen heart. It transforms my pain into glittering crystals of hope, freezing my worries and fears in their tracks. I am reborn, purified by the touch of this ethereal essence. With each breath I take, I exhale a stream of frosty air.

Releasing any negativity that weighs me down. I am boundless, limitless, as boundless as the winter sky. The spirit of ice flows through me, nourishing my spirit and guiding me towards

serenity. Pick up your colouring pencils and embrace the spirit of ice. In hues of icy blue, shimmering silver, and translucent white, let your creativity give life to this radiant force. Let the spirit of ice be your guide. Embrace the frost, for within it lies rebirth, clarity, and a beautiful serenity that can only be found amidst the frozen wonders of this enchanting world.


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You can also email me for a Jpeg file for no extra cost to print to a size you prefer.

Spirit of Ice ColouringPage

SKU: SpiIce1
  • An A4 Pdf * images size varies slightly from design to design, images to colour are no smaller than 16 cm x 16 cm

    Printed grey scale, colour images are for example only.

    You may download and keep for personal use only. 

    It does not permit you to reproduce or share.  Please respect the time  and energy that has gone into creating each piece.

  • Image size 17 x 18cm approx

    Space to test your colours in the pre-designed labelled boxes that increase on colour value to help you select your chosen palette.

    The document is an A4 PDF 

    Print out and add colour and or paint

    Print out and go over my drawing lines with either a fine liner, pen or dark pencil to learn how to apply texture and master line pressure.

    The colour value boxes increase in density from light to dark to help you to select your tones or colours.   

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