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Its Arrived! The Book 

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Demo video for 'virtue' colouring page being painted with watercolour. 2022

A unique multiway fine art artist, Jennene Whiteley, creates with the utmost care and finesse intricate hand-drawn colouring pages. With these pages, you can add your own personal touch with coloured pencils, graphite, paints, or simply trace over the artist's marks with a fine liner. An ideal activity to bring out the artist in you, these pages are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Try Heart in your Art and dedicate precious time for you and your loved ones. In addition, there are affirmations and story starters to inspire further ways to be creative and confident with art, poetry, writing, and well-being.

A detailed section of lunar bird colouring page
printed out lunar bird digital colouring page being shaded
part finished colouring page of lunar bird
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