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Jennene Whiteley Artist based in Barnoldswick in Lancashire UK holds a PGCE, NPQML and a MA in Fine Art.
Heart and Mind Colouring Pages established in 2023
Jennene is a Symbolist and Surreal Artist and Educator

Her background lies in regeneration and teaching art in secondary schools and in the community to people of all ages.

Thank you for exploring my colouring pages.  Each design takes me around six hours to complete.  They are hand drawn with a fine liner.  I meditate and let my pen guide me, dot by dot letting my heart and mind guide the way. 

The inscriptions for each drawing, offer you an insight into the thoughts that surround me as I work.  I think of these descriptions as affirmations. I hope that you find them helpful.  You may encounter your own messages as you spend time with the art.

Once completed I adjust them digitally to enable you to work over and into them.

I believe that making art is accessible to everyone.  Taking time out to create is one of the most healing activities you can give yourself.  It centres the heart and mind.

I created my drawings through a process of meditation combined with reiki techniques. I believe that the images I produce hold positive energy and thus give you a sense of calm and well-being as your colour.

I take inspiration from people and nature.  The Earth's elements are called upon as I create.  I apply dots and lines to reveal their energy and what comes forth can be symbolic and surreal in style. 

I hope my art brings you some colouring sanctuary.

I encourage you to find your own path by choosing to either paint, colour, shade or simply work over my mark-making with a pen.

I have added mini tutorial videos which I hope you find useful.

Wishing you inner peace, thank you.

portait created from dots with fineliner

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