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If you love my Heart and Mind Colouring Pages, you will adore these more contemporary pieces. invite you to explore my collection of romantically themed bespoke pieces that enhance the statement of 'Love'.
The works have captured a chiaroscuro gothic idiom that flows through the stillness in a moment. 

About this collection:

Jennene has brought this collection together to display a feeling of life, filled with movement and stillness. She transforms shapes that become lines that become figurative.

Her prints follow
the concept of marriage: they portray the passion found in the caress of a dress and the sound and rhythm of music.  Inspired by the fashions of the late 1800's and early 1900's resulting in arabesque abstract images.

Jennene acquires
 both vintage and modern lace, and fabric swatches that recall the fashions of the eighties. She prints with, over, under, and into, to create stunning bespoke statement pieces that depict quiet tensions and anxieties found in a quiet sunlit woodland walk.

Her oil paintings depict brush skills that are fluid, layered, and velvety. She captures movement in an uncanny manner. The way she moves you through the painting with the folds and fall of the dresses is skillful and mesmerizing. Her use of dramatic lighting lends her style to the chiaroscuro masters.

Growing up in the 70's and 80's Jennene was fascinated by the drawing tools on offer. She would spend hours creating drawings from spirographs and recalls being almost hypnotized by the pendulum-like movement of a harmonograph she received one Christmas.  The memories of that time have formed her nostalgic passion for collecting such objects.

The entire collection is full of vibrancy yet stillness, both vintage and modern. The message of opposites comments on issues of class and gender.

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