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"I cut up and reassemble……..fragmentary reproduction of memories, dreams and visions.


I reassembled time and place by creating and recreating pieces into film.  Viewing my visions and dreams and memories through a lens offers protection to speak about the unspoken. Objectifying memories to discover what lies hidden, to give a voice to my memories and emotions.


My creations are like props that I view through the lens, take photos, animate and film.


I am the storyteller, the person behind the scene controlling what the viewers see - and I am the person being viewed.  The creation of these films acts as an intersection, like a mediator, to facilitate a way that I can directly reference “the self”.


Moments of quiet with moments of noise offer the viewer a deep and profound view of my deepest, darkest secrets and awkward adolescent explorations. Unnerving and all too familiar. The quieter moments offer time for the viewers' minds to wander and contemplate. Then I bring them back to my world with authority and conviction.


What transpires is evocative, beguiling and mesmerizing"

Jennene Whiteley Contemporary Surreal Artist

yourcharacterJennene Whiteley Your Character will meet YOU
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